#6 How to correctly use Twitter as a real estate agency

Twitter was founded in 2006 and is an important player in the social media world. The service can be described as public text messages or microblogs. Realtors can type messages (Tweets) with a maximum of 140 characters. Twitter offers the possibility to follow other people on Twitter. By following these people, you receive their Tweets in a central stream on your own page. As a real estate agency, Twitter offers the possibility to communicate with your target group of potential buyers and sellers and promote your new listings online.

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

After following several real estate agencies for several months on the social media site Twitter, it strikes me that brokers/realtors primarily use this medium to put their new listings online. In other words there is only one-way communication. Few brokers/realtors use Twitter to achieve effective interaction between the real estate agency and potential buyers and sellers. Twitter offers the possibility to connect  with people inside and outside their target group. In my opinion many agencies let this chance wasted. Wich of course does not mean that this medium can not be used to get additional exposure of the properties.

A second point is the business image that brokers/realtors constantly uphold trough their “Tweets”. Few agencies offer information on the realtor/broker or real estate agency itself. In this way, followers do not get a look behind the scenes of the agency. And this is in my opinion what makes following a particular person fascinating. In addition, the openness of this kind of Tweets has a positive effect on the image of the real estate agency. Do not exaggerate of course and always keep a clear line between your professional life en your private one.




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